Don't disappoint your Sweetie this Valentine's Day.  There's still time to grab a reservation at one of Fairfield County's most romantic spots to celebrate the power of love - and bask in the appreciation you'll receive for a well planned evening! 

Here are M&D's Picks for the Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants:

1.  Artisan* - Southport

2.  Tavern at Greybarns - Norwalk

3.  The Cottage* - Westport

4.  The Schoolhouse at Cannondale - Wilton

5.  Bistro Du Soliel - Westport

6.  Finalmente Trattoria - Westport

7.  Paci* - Fairfield

8.  Match - South Norwalk

9.  Le Penguin - Westport

10.  Liana's Trattoria - Fairfield

(* Indicates restaurants that will feature a special Valentine's Day menu)