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Connecticut Magazine recently released its Best Restaurants in Connecticut 2016: Experts’ Picks.

“Get ready to bite into the restaurants judged the best of the best in Connecticut by our “experts,” who range from veteran restaurant critics and food writers to contemporary bloggers who track the trends as well as the hottest, newest places. Joined by some food-savvy Connecticut Magazine editors, it’s a group for which dining is a passion—and dining at the best places is an art that takes constantly having a collective finger on the pulse of the Connecticut dining scene. Together, our Readers’ Choice and Experts’ Picks provide a comprehensive view of the state’s tastiest places to eat well.”

Congrats to these local faves in Westport, Wilton and Southport:

The Whelk, Westport

Rothbard Ale +  Larder, Westport

Da Pietro, Westport

Kawa Ni, Westport (below)

Little Barn, Westport

Luxe, Westport

Kawa Ni, Westport

Bobby Q’s, Westport

Rizzuto’s, multiple locations

Artisan, Southport

The Schoolhouse at Cannondale, Wilton

Vespa, Westport

Pink Sumo, Westport

Organic Market, Westport

Bartaco, Westport

Acqua, Westport

See which categories they won + the full list here »


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